Driving lessons in Lowestoft for over 25 years...




 The Practical Test

- The ability to read a car number plate at 20m/60ft

   (no test if you can't).

- Answer a 'tell me' questions about the car.

      (a maximum of one minor fault possible even if you get both wrong).

http://www.dft.gov.uk/dsa/ and put ''Vehicle safety questions for car driving tests'' into the DSA site search engine.


 - A thirty to forty minute drive with the examiner (during which you can commit fifteen minor faults and no major ones).

- Another 'show me' question on the move.

- A manoeuvre (either a bay park, a parallel Park, or pull up on the right and rejoin the traffic after reversing back two car lengths).




 The DSA have a Youtube channel stuffed with videos about all their tests.