Driving lessons in Lowestoft for over 25 years...




  The Price


Beware !


Some advertised prices are actually for as little as only 40 minute lessons.

When enquiring always ask how long lessons are! 

Under this guise there are local schools charging over 37 per hour! 

Some of them insist on you taking lessons of an hour and a half or two hours. Find out BEFORE you buy!

There are Instructors charging as little as 15 per hour. Even if they are any good they won't be around for long with fuel costing what it does - i.e. you will probably, suddenly, be left high and dry when they go bust and have to find another school..

My price is slightly below average.

25 per hour

And I give one free hour lesson per customer referred (who gives me a note/ one of my cards from you with their  name and the referrer's signature on the back).